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Analysis tool:
Quickly analyze your current calorie requirements to maintain weight and the exact calorie deficit required for you to lose weight and achieve your desired weight by the goal date set and managed by you
Meal Planner Wizard:
Use our sophisticated yet easy to use meal planner wizard to quickly add/subtract food items from your daily meal plans. You can also browse through our member meal plans section and quickly adopt someone else’s meal plans with a click of a single button, if it suits your taste as well. Create, Save and Edit as many meal plans as you wish.
Know what you eat:
Our highly robust system gives you nutrition facts for every food item you may wish to add to your meal plan. View full nutrition facts instantly for every item chosen for your meal plan.
Track your Progress:
Quickly monitor your progress using our tracking tool. Based on your meal plans chosen on your calendar our system will create an estimate of your weight loss progress but the accuracy of it will depend upon your inputs.
Food Choices:
Our meal planner profiles thousands of food items in over 20 different food groups for you to choose from. Design the ultimate meal plan and be in charge of what you eat every day. We also plan to constantly update our database with more food choices such as ethnic food items and less known healthy foods.
Add to Calendar - Daily, Weekly or Monthly Meal Plans:
Quickly create meal plans and add them to your calendar. Design that perfect meal plan calendar using the same or unique meal plans for each and every day. Print it and stick it on your fridge, carry it in your pocket or simply email it to yourself at home or office. Take full control of your daily nutrition intake and monitor your calories.
Automatic Grocery List:
Our easy to use meal planner wizard automatically creates your grocery shopping list as you select items for your meal plan(s). Your grocery list can be accessed directly from your member admin panel where you can quickly print your grocery list and add new items to it as needed. Show up at your favorite grocery shop with a neatly organized list with critical nutrition facts clearly printed on it.
Add your Favorite Food Items:
We plan to constantly update our food database with more items such as ethnic foods or less known healthy food items. In the meantime, if you can’t find something that you eat in our database then no worries, our system also enables you to enter your favorite foods using our “Add a Food Item” directly from your member admin panel.
Social Media Sharing Features:
Share your awesome meal plan with your friends using our social media features such as the Facebook Like button or add this item to your Google+ account with a single click. Alternatively, you can also print and or forward your meal plans to your friends and family.
Member Engagement:
When our members, such as you, create meal plans then these meal plans automatically appear in our member meal plans section while still keeping your personal information private. It will however display your first name for the sake of giving credit where it's due and you can even track to see whose meal plans get favorited the most by other members. We plan to introduce some cool contests and will alert our members as soon as those contests are ready to be announced. Our system also intelligently labels a meal as “Vegetarian” when it automatically inspects and detects the type of foods chosen for any particular meal plan.

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