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Diet Meal Planner - About Us


We are a team of dedicated professionals who also believe in fitness and proper nutrition. Obesity is one of the most prevailing ailments that have plagued many countries. Every nation has a weight management program that encourages its citizens to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that even though it may be obvious to many that proper weight management can lead to a lifestyle free of health problems, yet many don't know exactly where to begin. However, we also realize that we all lead busy lifestyles and it is hard to embark on a weight loss mission and keep track of our progress.


To address the issue of weight loss, we decided to create this online meal planning platform that will enable and empower our users, across the globe, to take full control over their weight loss mission. Our meal planner platform was created with you in mind and with a sole purpose of giving you the tools to manage and track your weight loss without ever having to go on a quick fix diet. We believe that there is a science behind weight loss. However, very few understand how to lose weight the right way. This is where you can leverage our platform and use all the tools we offer to decide on your weight loss goals and plan your meals to effectively lose weight, pound by pound, over the weeks and months to come.


The idea behind these tools is to give you the power to manage your weight loss campaign at your pace and give you the chance to train your body to adjust to your new eating patterns and controlled caloric intake. To assist you further, we have given you access to nutrition facts for thousands of food items that you consume on a daily basis, this way, you will never have to guess how many calories to eat to keep your weight in check. Although our food database is quite extensive we do realize that it may not necessarily contain many other foods such as specialty or ethnic items but no worries there.

One of the most useful tools that you will find in your member admin panel is the “Add your Favorite Item” feature which allows you to enter the food item of your choice, just once, and use these items repeatedly in your meal plans as you see fit. We give you every bit of flexibility to create a multitude of meal plans that will please your taste buds and always give you many options to remove any possibility of you having to stick to the same old foods. You can use these tools to create many plans and design your weekly meal plan calendar to add variety in your meal plans to keep it more exciting.


We encourage our users to take full advantage of our online meal planner software and take charge of their weight loss mission and keep many ailments away and possibly prevent illness by adhering to healthier eating habits and the consequent lifestyle that will keep you in shape for years to come. On that note, we welcome you to, your home to a healthier lifestyle. The best part is that membership and access to these tools is FREE for all so waste no time in getting started.

Congrats on taking the first step and here is to wishing you good health.