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Plan your weekly or monthly meal plans using our sophisticated weekly meal planner. Online meal planner for your weekly or monthly meal plans.
How to Lose Weight

Weekly And Monthly Meal Planner

How To Use A Weekly Or Monthly Meal Planner?

Meal Planning Made Easy With Our Meal Planner Wizard

Get to know your daily caloric limit for the day so you can reach your weight loss goal

Before you begin it is best to first login as a member, as many key features of this meal planner, such as save, print, add to calendar and automatic grocery list are for members’ use only. It is easy to join and free for all. Once you have logged in as a member, using the meal planner becomes even easier. 

Step 1 – Weight Loss Analysis – Calorie Counter

Use the meal planning analysis tool to first understand what it will take for you to reach your weight loss goal by the goal date chosen by you. Our Analysis tool will quickly, given your inputs, show you what your caloric limit will need to be in order for you to maintain your current weight and activity levels and what your new caloric limit should be for you to successfully lose weight and achieve your desired weight by your goal date. Alternatively, if you wish, you could bypass the analysis part and select one of the predefined caloric limits for your meal plans. However, when you skip the analysis part you will not know exactly how many calories you need to limit yourself to in order to lose a pound or two every week so you may not see the results that you are looking for in the time frame you may have in mind.

Step 2 – Create a Meal Plan

Once you have completed the analysis part you can then begin your meal planning by clicking on the ”Create a New Meal Plan” button seen below the analysis section. This will take you to our meal planner wizard where you will be able to quickly find and select any kind of food item and add them to your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack menu to arrive at your meal plan for the day. You can then proceed to use the same meal plan for as many days as you wish or, to spice it up; you may create a different meal plan for every day of the week by simply repeating the step seen above.

If you wish to select multiple servings of any item then all you need to do is click on the appropriate meal button (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack) to increase the count as you see fit. By the same token, if you wish to remove any item you simply need to click on the trash can icon as many times as necessary. Our meal planner wizard is not only easy to use but also very comprehensive. It provides you with all nutrition facts for each item selected and also gives you the total nutrition that you will be consuming with each meal plan. You will always know exactly what you will be consuming any given day

Step 3 – Add to Meal Plan Calendar

Once you have created your meal plans, you simply need to go back to your member admin and start adding them to your meal plan calendar for the days of your choice. This will allow you to create your weekly and/or monthly meal plan calendar which you can print and post it on your refrigerator or email it yourself so you can have it with you on your smart phone all the time for reference as you go about your meals during the day.

Creating a weekly or monthly meal plan has never been simpler. Additionally, our meal planner also automatically creates a grocery list for you as build your meal plans. This automatic grocery list can be viewed and printed directly from your member admin panel so you can shop knowing that all your meal plans will be covered.

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